Under water video shooting with fisheyes lens from smart phone video review. Easy and cheap equipment (English version)

Hi, after my photo Maldive trip in Along the way Facebook. There are many questions regard what kind of camera and equipment I used for under water shot. My equipment set is really easy I use my Huawei P9 smart phone + phone under water case + Universal clip len (fisheye), that’s it!! These stuff are really cheap and easy to find on internet or any store near you. I purchased phone case about $9 and lens for $5 only. And the result is amazing! It worth every penny!

You can use it with almost any kind of smart phone but I, myself, is a big fan of Huawei P series. I love the sharpness and how smart the software is! Now I can travel anywhere and use this Huawei P9 un addition from my SLR Sony camera!

If you want to check out how I set my phone before going under water, I also do a tech channel You can check in out in my video below. There’s English subtitle available. There are some small tips to counter problems I faced during swimming! The Easy Breath snorkel I wore here also have a review in this link click here!

Have fun watching and enjoy your next trip to the sea!



Along the way

June 2017


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