Place with high speed internet in Chiang Mai for freelancer and digital nomad!

This article is written around June 2017 – just so you know the time for this content

Hi, hello to all world digital nomad and freelancer fellow! I believe that Chiang Mai, Thailand is a destination for many of us to come live and work here. The most important thing in this career is of course THE FAST INTERNET! When I say fast, I mean download speed about 100mb also upload is something close to 100 mb.

With fast wifi, we can work anywhere to upload work and do video call and other things to generate income. Apart from fibre optic internet we might have at home, a good cafe or chill out place with fast internet is also very important! Sometime working at home all the time is boring and uninspired… I’ve been looking for a good place and cafe’ with fast internet around Chiangmai area (but not in the old city since I drive car not motorcycle and I don’t like to looking for parking space) Now I’ve few list of place I love to go. I’m looking for more place and of any of you know please leave a comment!

For me, I will separate this places in to two lists…. One is the cafe’s internet itself and second is place where I can use AIS SUPER WIFI aka AIS smart log in or TRUE SUPER WIFI.

For 2nd one incase that you don’t know… if you live in Thailand and purchase a monthly mobile plan over than 299THB (not sure please check again) you will also receive internet password to use these wifi and you number is your user name). I think you can also purchase this WIFI usage separately too. Most brand have this offer, you can check with your mobile or home internet operator. For me I just had AIS and TRUE

Cafe’ and Coffee shop in Chiangmai with fast internet by themselves lists

  1. Jario coffee, click here to their website, This one is quite far. It is near Meechock market. I went there once the internet was like 140/100 which is super fast compare to regular shop in CNX! down side is seats are not very suitable of long hour working and there are not electric socket for every table.
  2. Mac cafe, click here to their Facebook, I just found this one our recently. It’s locate in front of Punna condominium5 which in on the way to Chiangmai university. The have a 100/70 internet which is not bad at all. The shop also provide Mac computer for you to use for free! as long as you order their drinks or food.

Well, that’s a pity but now I can find only this two… Most of coffee shop I went they will provide only 25/10 internet which is ok… but it’s not enough for me

Place with AIS and TRUE super wifi (mostly 140/100)

  1. The Baristo coffee (AIS, TRUE), click here to their Facebook, This on is in Jing Jai market. It’s behind Roti Guu shop (same owner) it’s nice and peaceful place to work (not counting lunch time since people will come for meals). This so far my favorite place to go working. What I like is I don’t drink coffee and sometimes I want low sugar drinks… which is very difficult to find in Thailand. Over here has blends vegetable and juice for me so it’s perfect! A big plus is every table has electric outlet! Moreover is you can enjoy Roti from the next shop! Internet speed (AIS) is about 140/120 here
  2. Jing Jai Market plaza… (AIS, TRUE) in general this area has AIS super wifi cover… another coffee shop on opposite to Baristo is “Roastniyom” never been there but it’s very popular with young people there, always crowded. They are famous for their coffee I think
  3. Starbucks.(AIS) Well, I personally don’t go to Starbucks… it’s bloody expensive and I don’t even drink coffee. But good news is they do collaborate with AIS. All branch has super fast wifi (according to their ad, I’ve never use it yet)
  4. Central festival Chiangmai (TRUE and AIS) almost everywhere in this department store are covered with signal.
  5. Kad Farang in HangDong area (AIS, TRUE) . It’s near Premium Outlet. I once need to go wait for client there. The best spot would be that beautiful Lanna style Starbucks in the middle of plaza. But I went to Mc’ Donald at the end of plaza and enjoy my burger with AIS super wifi instead of coffee!
  6. Maya department store at Rimcome junction(AIS, TRUE). It’s locate opposite nimmanhemin road. I’m not sure where can you sit around if not a coffee shop or CAMP-working space inside. Plus point for all-nighter CAMP is open 24 hours. I’ve never been there so you can try out and let me know

Well, that’s all I know for now. If you have any more information and would love to share for community it would be good! write it down in comment! Thank you!


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