Weird food of South East Asia, Thailand: Pig brain!

As we all know that there’s plenty of weird food in Asia! One of the thing I find quite common and never really want to try out is Pig brain! Now I live in Chiang Mai Thailand and there’s a common local this that do pig brain but in pieces and steam together with herbal paste… it call “Ab-Aong-Or” in Thai is แอ๊บอ่องออ

I tried it and I would say the texture is similar to tofu not much taste of itself… but it has strong after taste of metal (like one you taste in blood). Well, I guess it’s the taste of all small blood vein in the brain!

Since it’s quite an exotic one, I asked my foreign friend from Barcelona who came to stay in Thailand for a while to go try it out with me. Let’s see how it looks like and what is the reaction of her in this video! I did subtitle in English so you can click on subtitle button down there.

If you have chance to try one, I would say just try it! it’s cooked so it’s 100% safe and it’s more like to experience it. Who knows you might like it and ask for more later!

Along the way
Jan  2019 (But video was taken since 2016)


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