Review Easy breath / full face snorkel (English version)

Hello! Welcome back to another English blog of Along the way I’m trying to do more content in English for this travel blog. Ok let’s get to the sea and review this snorkel thing!

You guys might came across of this weird looking kind of Snorkel. In this video I’m using it first time and will review for you guys to see. I guess that would answer a lot of questions people might have in mind. See my 6 points review conclusion here

Easy breath snorkel review

  1. Quite convenience but you will get less air than traditional one. If you get too tired and breathing fast, it definitely bring in less air
  2. Your view point will change. With this goggle it make thing a bit fisheye
  3. Can use with different type of face. Had a good rubber seal around our face. Just make sure your hair is not in a way. Otherwise it keep dripping
  4. When it’s under water no water or air get in. Just beware when you laying on your back in water, it’s not possible to breath
  5. Price range from about $15-$120 (what I see in Thailand). I’m not sure what is the different
  6. You can search in Google for “Easy breath snorkel” or “Full face snorkel”
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Thank you for reading, I hope you have fun with your snorkeling!

Along the way

June 2017


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